首席执行官霍华德·舒尔茨(星巴克), Susan Wojcicki (YouTube)和Steve Ells (Chipotle)有共同之处? 他们以文科学位毕业 & Sciences!

Build a strong foundation and earn credits at Chesapeake to start your career path. 你可以选择的最灵活的课程之一,文科 & 理科学位可以根据你的职业抱负量身定制. Our faculty will help match your career interests with the transfer school that best meets your needs. 做你大学之旅的首席执行官!


Why Chesapeake

A Liberal Arts & Sciences degree from Chesapeake provides you with guaranteed admission to a four-year school in the University of Maryland system. We have great relationships with four-year public and private schools in Maryland and beyond and have helped thousands of students successfully transfer. Taking your foundation classes at Chesapeake is an affordable and savvy start on your college journey.

Arts, Humanities & Social Science Programs
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences A.A.
  • 音乐认可信
  • Theater & 表演研究证书
  • 非裔美国人研究认可信
  • Global & 国际研究证书
  • 转学研究(高级、基础)

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences News

Arts, Humanities & 社会科学项目新闻
by Marcie Alvarado Molloy

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by Marcie Alvarado Molloy

Find out how the students in Communications 101 served their community this summer.
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Going to Chesapeake College looked like a smart financial decision from the beginning. 在欧宝娱乐app,我成长了很多,也更了解了自己. Everyone here is friendly and supportive, so I felt like I could try new things. 欧宝娱乐app对每个人来说都是一个充满机会的地方.

——Lyndy Mothershead, AA

剧院不只是为对表演艺术感兴趣的人准备的. 学生将学习在各个领域和日常生活中应用的技能. 这些课程给学生们一个挑战自我和创新的机会.

~ Dr. Rob Thompson

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